3 Easy Whatsapp Hacks that is Useful

Whatsapp is a free instant messaging service that is available to download free of cost on playstore or iOS platforms. If you know how to download and install whatsapp, you will have half the battle won for you. There are several usage hacks though that everyone is not aware about. This article aims to educate you on such hacks and hidden features.

  1. Using your old number.

If you have gone abroad, and purchased a new data sim, you do not need to change the number on your current whatsapp account. When prompted to register your new number, you can simply choose to cancel or ignore the message and continue using your whatsapp with your old number. This will make sure that you have all the contacts you previously had and will not mess up the chat history as well.

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  1. Starring Messages.

It is possible that there are thousands of messages posted in an active group in an hour. During this time, you can choose to star messages that seem important to you so that you can access it later. To do so, all you will need to do is tap and hold the message and click on the star icon that appears next to it. To access it again, you can go to the group and select the “starred messages” option to access it.

  1. Make calls.

This is a much underrated feature of the whatsapp IM service. It allows you to make data calls to your friends and family without incurring any additional charges to your prepaid balance. This requires the latest version of whatsapp and also, it will require data connections on both the ends: caller and the receiver.

These were some useful hacks to know about the most famous IM service. You can learn how to download whatsapp from various online tutorials. Whatsapp is a free IM service and you are not required to pay anything for it.