Car Breakers Have Been the Source of Recycling Of Metals to Make New Cars

Car and automobile industry is a huge industry which is dominating the world and is contributing towards the development of the global as well as the national economy of the place from where the company of the car brand belongs. But the question lays as to form where do these companies get all these raw materials from.

For making a single piece of the car, the company requires lots and lots of raw materials to process them and cut them and design them into the shape of a car. Here is where the importance of the car breakers industry comes to light.

Reasons why people sell off their cars to car breakers at cheap rates

Day after day millions and millions of cars get rejected. They get rejected for two primary reasons. One main reason is due to accidents. Heavy accidents can change the look of a vehicle, as a result of which the owner often claims for the insurances for his or her car and dismantles the car and buys a new one. In this manner, many cars, daily, are getting dismantled and destroyed by the car breakers.

car breakers

They generally beak the car part by part and then crush them into smaller bits which again is melted and made into the new sheet for new car manufacturing. This is recycling of metal. So, your car might be someone else’s in the near future.

The other prime reason for which car owners often reject their cars is its age. The elder a car is, the more difficult it is to get its parts. So owners often sell them to other parties and buy another new car by investing the money they received from selling the previous one.

Reusing the metals scraps for making a new car

The other party might sometimes hand over the car to these car breakers in return for money and get them mechanically dismantled and broken into a shred of tin and metal and re-use them to build newer and better models of cars.