Engage New Audiences and Bring New Voices – Philadelphia 3.0

Philadelphia 3.0 is a non-profit political reform organization predominantly founded to support candidates running for city council. Even though the organization is pretty new and it was their very first year journeywith political advisory, yetthey made innovative changes during election 2015.They encourage self-reliant individuals running for the City Council and they lead from the front to reorganize and restructure city hall.

Why Philadelphia needs a change?

The city was established in the year 1963 however there were no significant changes related to development or modernization until the year 2006. To bring a change in the structure and to make a development in political strategy, reform organization Philadelphia 3.0 was formed. Their mission is to bring new voices and employ independent minded candidates in the city’s political discussions.

philadelphia 3.0

Three Important Actions Enforced by Philadelphia 3.0

Philadelphia 3.0 requires three vital actions every individual should take

  • Run for the committee person
  • Follow a course about the important bills happened in the City council. For example an audit was conducted at the PHL parking authority office revealed that a bulk of funds the school district missed from unpaid parking tickets was a massive amount and there are lots of corruption happening with the management. As a result, it is affecting the school district of Philadelphia over the last 5 years. In order to avoid such situation and counteract corruption activities, Philadelphia 3.0 enforces to keep a track about the important bills.
  • Contact your city council representative if there is some issues or concern.

Summing it up

The organization believes strongly that changing the regulations by engaging new voices will apparently remap the city. In fact, this has been proved and Philadelphia residents could witness how the city has changed over the last two years.