Human Hair orSynthetic Hair – What Are You Up For?

When any form hair (human or artificial) is attached to your hair then the method is called hair extension. This method is quite common to make your hair look voluminous. Emily hadrill hair extensions Australia offers all the methods of hair extensions.

The first question any salon will ask you is which type of hair you will take for your hair extension, human or synthetic. So let’s talk about both types of hair.

Human hair:

All hair experts will recommend this type of hair. Actual human hair is cut and made into hair extensions. Since it’s actual hair so it is easier to maintain and style. You can use styling equipment. They are also softer in texture and look more natural amongst your hair. You can also colour this hair as per your requirement.

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This is also human hair but here the hair is cut from the cuticles. Thus, the hair has more shine to it. They last longer than their artificial counterpart. And they are almost natural so the maintenance of Remy’s hair is almost negligible. However, they are costlier than other hair extensions.

Virgin Hair:

These are also human hair but with no colouring or washing. This means that the hair is very healthy and will be extra shiny and lustrous. This kind of hair is quite expensive and not easily available.

Synthetic hair:

The hair is made up of synthetic material to look like real hair. They are quite good if you are looking for a quick-fix solution. Though in a long run they look frizzy and dry. You can not use many styling products. However, they are pocket-friendly and you can change the look frequently.

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