Lugano Diamonds Gets a Diamond Glow with Moti Ferder

A jeweler expert Moti Ferder has been immersed with diamond business from a young age itself. The family had established a business in diamond and it was based in the area of Antwerp Belgium and the business had been started from 1965.

This family business helped Moti to gain the necessary training that was needed to develop his skills as a professional diamond cutter. This also helped him to develop an insight into the diamond business and this helped him to establish the Lugano Diamond brand.

The brand has been able to exert itself on the minds of the customer’s thanks to always appositive word of mouth references and Moti has done all the hard work to get a real positive vibe on the minds of the people. There are enough varieties from this diamond shop that has awed people across globally.

The growth of Lugano Diamond brand under Moti Ferder

The company has been able to establish a grand salon and headquarters in Newport Beach California way back in 2005 and Moti was responsible for choosing some of the best salesmen under his team. He also overlooked the personal business of the company and was able to establish a second grand salon at Montage Laguna Beach in 2013.

The real reason for the success of the Lugano Diamond brand was the creative inputs given by design director of the company the Moti Ferder. He has gained recognitions from worldwide jeweler design luxury publications and he has been honored with awards also. The use of Zirconium in 2013 by Moti led to him getting the Best of the Best award from Robb Report. The publication had once again recognized the design in the ultimate gift guide and the designs of Lugano Diamond has become an instant hit with the masses. Moti has been revered in many leading jewelry design publications.