The best messaging apps that you should have

We live in the age of social media. A lot of our time is spent with our fingers over our mobile phones. It is daily need to manage our social media profiles and be connected to all our friends from all over the world. But due to some much of technology up gradation and introduction of new applications everyday, it gets a bit confusing for all the users to select the best chatting app. So we have a list of the best chatting apps that will help you prioritize among all of them.

The most famous and widely used chatting application has to be WhatsApp application. Since you can download free WhatsApp from the play store, it has become one of the best and dominant chatting app in the industry. With over a billion downloads it is the most preferred chatting app. Other famous chatting app that a lot of youngsters use is Omeggle. It is an interesting concept where you can chat with strangers from all over the world. The social media giant Facebook has also launched and advanced its messaging app messenger. If you search the app store you will find a lot of applications which have an interesting chat or theme and are suitable for chatting. But since WhatsApp was one of the first movers in the market, keeps on Innovating and whatsapp downloading easily, it is considered to be the number messaging app that people use widely in general.


free whatsapp


Other than these, few apps such as Hike and WeChat have also got a steady market share in this business. A giant company like Google also tried its luck in the market by introducing Google Alo. However, it wasn’t very well received by the consumers. So with all these apps available, which one do you prefer the most is the biggest question of our times!